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Website development/management veteran, journalism/editing guru, content/social media management specialist, audio/video production ace, and video jockey/disc jockey. I'm a mean cook, too.

Web Development

Web design, management veteran. Strong content creation background with foundation in writing, researching and editing.

Multimedia Production

Master of audio/video production from recording to editing to publishing -- including YouTube & podcasting.

Master of Ceremonies

Resident VJ at JR's Bar in Washington D.C., emcee & promoter of events, with strong public speaking experience.

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Some of my musings and latest thoughts. Sometimes even a recipe or two.
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Are you mental?

The brain is an organ that controls the central nervous system. The vast majority of what the brain -- the organ -- controls are unconscious processes. Despite the fact that it feels like the contrary, our brain does not spend the majority of it's energy on the goings on of "the mind."

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